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Pirata Boat Race Turns Your iPhone Into An Oar & Provides A Wii-Like Gaming Experience (That's A Good Thing Right?)

Pirata Boat Race (Images courtesy Pirata London)
By Andrew Liszewski

Are you an avid iPhone/iPod Touch gamer who's found they've been packing on the pounds lately? Let's face it, tapping the screen or slightly twisting the iPhone in your hands aren't the most intense physical activities, but this Pirata Boat Race game, created by Pirata London, could have you working up a sweat depending on your fitness level. The game has two teams of oarsmen... or... oarspeople, paddling a couple of boats along a course, and like any race, the first across the finish line wins. But while the game itself is played online, the players use their iPhones or iPod Touches as oars.

Pirata Boat Race (Image courtesy Pirata London)

You first have to download the Boat Remote application which is available for free, and at the start of each race you either snap a photo of a QR code to choose which side you're on, or enter a unique code if you're using a camera-less Touch. Up to 10 players can participate per race, 5 per boat, and since everyone has to gather around the same PC in order to play, it also increases the whole social aspect of iPhone gaming, which is usually a solitary activity. So how about porting the online aspect of the game to the iPad?

And if you're curious, I've included a video of the game in action after the jump.

[ The Pirata Boat Race ] VIA [ CreativeApplications.net ]

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