Pioneer’s Got An Impressive Looking Cyclocomputer In Development

Pioneer Cyclocomputer (Images courtesy DigInfo TV)
By Andrew Liszewski

Pioneer’s skunk works is apparently looking to raise the bar when it comes to cyclocomputers. Typically they’re nothing more than a glorified stopwatch you attach to your handlebars which calculates your speed, time and distance traveled. But Pioneer’s developed one that runs on Android paving the way for a cyclocomputer that’s not only way more intelligent, but also displays your details in a far more graphically-enhanced manner.

But what I think will appeal to most cyclists, who spend their time with their eyes on the road anyways, is the wireless sensors Pioneer have also developed which attach to the crank and measure the force of the rider’s pedaling, displaying the results as graphical vectors for each foot. Probably more information than the average rider needs, but I’m sure serious athletes in training will relish all the extra info about their performance.

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