Pioneer DEH-P810 Bluetooth Car Stereo

pioneer bluetooth car stereo

By Bruce Eaton

From the makers of abundant audio goodnesss, Pioneer, comes the DEH-P810 Car Stereo Deck. Not only does this stereo play CDs, WMAs, and AACs, but also features Bluetooth. With this, you can do fancy bluetooth handsfree in your car, just like expensive Lexuses… but in your ’96 Honda Civic. Even cooler is that this device also supports A2DP so you can “stream” your audio in stereo from a Bluetooth enabled MP3 player or mobile phone.

Unfortunately folks, I could not find out more due to my new laptop not having all the language packs installed yet so its out there for you to find out. I apologize, gomen.

[Pioneer bluetooth Car Stereo] VIA [AkihabaraNews]

9 thoughts on “Pioneer DEH-P810 Bluetooth Car Stereo”

  1. finally. i’ve been waiting for one of these for the longest time. All the existing bluetooth kits out there are either super lame or crazy expensive. I’ve been wondering for a while why nobody had created a bluetooth deck yet.

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  3. Yeah, this is really cool, but it costs around $700USD. Too much right now. It probably won’t be affordable for a year or so.

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