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Pinball Magic 'Appcessory' Now Available For The iPad

iPad Pinball Magic Appcessory (Image courtesy Brookstone)
By Andrew Liszewski

Back in August we brought you the Pinball Magic 'appcessory' for the iPhone which in a nutshell was a plastic housing that turned your smartphone into a bonafide desktop pinball machine. And while it's not listed on the New Potato Technologies website, this iPad-friendly version is simply the bigger brother of the iPhone model.

Like its smaller counterpart, Pinball Magic for the iPad includes a physical plunger for launching the virtual in-game ball and paddle buttons on either side for keeping it in play. There's also additional light up features on the headboard adding to the 'fun' of things, and of course you'll have to download the free Pinball Magic app before you can use it. It looks like it might be a Brookstone exclusive, and you're going to have to really like pinball to pick one up since it's $79.95.

[ iPad Pinball Magic Appcessory ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

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