Picodore 64 – Portable C64

Picodore 64 (Images courtesy Jason Winters)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you were a child of the 80’s there’s a good chance that your first real experience with video games came not with the NES, but with the Commodore 64. I can remember spending hours on end playing classics like Impossible Mission, Radar Rat Race and Law of the West when I should probably have been getting some fresh air instead. Well actually now that I think of it those hours were mostly spent loading those games, but it was still good times.

So it’s great to see this brilliant Picodore 64 mod created by Jason Winters. It’s based on one of those all-in-one joystick games called Hummer Off-Road Racing that basically has a full Commodore 64 chipset inside. The joystick parts were stripped away and the C64 was placed into a homemade laptop box along with an old PSOne LCD screen and a hacked portable folding keyboard originally designed for a Jornada PDA. The Picodore can run off AC power or 6 AA batteries if you want to take it on the road and can even use a hacked version of one of those miniature Atari keychain joysticks for playing games. Nice work!

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