Pianobell Lets Guests Announce Their Arrival With a Touch of Class


By Hazel Chua

A couple of piano keys might look out of place when they’re tacked beside your door, where your regular old doorbell used to be. But I’m pretty sure your friends and neighbors will be able to figure out what to do with the Pianobell pretty quickly and maybe even have a little fun with it in the process–unfortunately at the expense of your peace and quiet.

If you need things spelled out for you, then here goes: the Pianobell is basically a doorbell that sounds off with soothing notes instead of boring ‘ding dongs’ or screechy rings to announce that you’ve got a guest at your door awaiting entry. No idea on what notes each key will play, but designer¬†Li Jianye‘s idea is so creative and novel that I doubt this detail would matter.

Unfortunately, the Pianobell is still a concept design–for now. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone picks up on this idea and starts turning piano-playing doorbells into a reality.

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