PIAGGIO MP3 Three-Wheeled Scooter

PIAGGIO MP3 (Image courtesy PIAGGIO)By Andrew Liszewski

In 1946 PIAGGIO launched the first Vespa models and even today the icon of cheap personal transportation can still be seen scooting around big cities. Sixty years later the company is launching the PIAGGIO MP3 and while it may simply look like a sleek, modernized scooter it’s most unique feature is the double set of wheels in the front.

With a revolutionary front suspension both wheels can tilt independently up to 40 degrees allowing the PIAGGIO MP3 to corner just like a regular scooter does. However the addition of a second wheel in the front also has unique advantages such as better braking as a result of the extra disc and most importantly much higher levels of stability than a standard two-wheeled scooter.

For all you gearheads the technical specs on the PIAGGIO MP3 as well as videos of it in motion are available on its website.

[PIAGGIO MP3] VIA [Autoblog]

5 thoughts on “PIAGGIO MP3 Three-Wheeled Scooter”

  1. Tell me again why I need an extra wheel in the front?

    Seems to be making something more complicated than it needs to be. Just ride a 2-wheeler

  2. why???????

    Stability in wet weather cornering,gravelled surfaces, rain,slippery road markings, for the older or -less confident rider, not having to put your foot down when you stop at red lights, better braking. WHY? for the future.

  3. oh yeah not to mention oily road surfaces- the number of times ive cornered and nearly come off, despite treating the bike and corner with respect.oh yeah it obviously wont need a stand either. and its auto which must be good fun.

  4. Hey w-heelio, why are you worried if Piaggio makes a three wheeler or not? Don’t worry you whiney little baby, they won’t take your two-wheelers away, it’s just another option for the customer, you unimaginative idiot.

  5. I’m 59 years old and partially paralyzed on one side. The 250cc model is my dream commuter. I rode various bikes when I was young, and the extra traction provided by the MP3 adds some safety for us type A personalities, and we do need all of the extra traction we can get! I can’t wait to take some corners on that puppy.

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