PhysioGlove Takes The Hassle Out Of Placing ECG Electrodes

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By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little out of my league when it comes to medical technologies, but I think I’ve watched enough hospital dramas to understand why the PhysioGlove seems like a good idea. Typically, a patient being monitored by an ECG setup requires 10 different electrodes to be attached to predefined anatomical locations on their body. Knowing where to properly place the electrodes requires a lot of training, and the 10 different wires coming from each lead can become tangled, or just plain get in the way.

So an Evanston, Illinois-based company called Commwell has developed a special glove that the patient wears on their left hand and simply lays across their chest. Getting it positioned correctly apparently only takes minimal coaching by the medical staff, and the glove incorporates all 10 of the required electrodes with just a single cable for connecting to a monitoring device. Now I’m sure it’s not designed to serve as a long-term solution for ECGs, since a patient could accidentally move their arm whenever they fall asleep, but when setting up an ECG is a time-critical matter, I can see why the PhysioGlove might be advantageous.

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4 thoughts on “PhysioGlove Takes The Hassle Out Of Placing ECG Electrodes”

  1. Doesn't seem very sanitary, either. It'd be like reusing sheets on a bed. At least the ECG electrodes are disposable. I'm also thinking that this isn't viable for unusually wide or narrow patients, which are usually the people that most need ECG's in the first place.

    As for critical moments, I don't see a patient putting this on and sitting still with their arm across their chest. Whoever made this strikes me as grossly unfamiliar with the field.

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