PhotoVu Launches Uber Expensive 19″ Wireless Digital Picture Frame

PhotoVu PV1965w 19in digital picture frame (image via PhotoVu)By Shane McGlaun

PhotoVu announced today one of the most expensive digital picture frames ever, the PV1965w. This frame carries a massive MSRP of $1199, and while it is pretty cool, I don’t think is $1200 cool.

What you get for that much cash is a 1440 x 900 screen resolution, 16m/24-bit color on a high resolution LCD TFT display. The screen uses a 16:10 aspect ratio and measures in a 19” diagonal and 16” wide x 10” high.

The cool feature of this frame is built-in 802.11b wireless connectivity and WEP 64/128 bit security. You can even upgrade the wireless connection to 802.11g with WPA if you want. The wireless connection allows you to stream photos directly to the frame from Internet services like Picasa Web Albums, flickr, iPhoto Photocasts and more. There is also a USB port that allows you to connect USB drives directly to view pictures and the frame supports an optional USB removable hard drive.

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