Photosynthesizing Gadget Charger

By Jonathan Kimak

This is probably the most stylish gadget charger I’ve ever seen. For those of you who remember high school biology you will know that photosynthesis is the process by which a plant converts sunlight into sugar(energy) that will be used by the plant for other essential functions. This gadget charger concept does the same.

The Solar Cell Tree Charger, designed by Vivien Muller, powers itself via 54 photovoltaic cells that, like other solar cells, get charged by the sun. The energy is stored in a battery and can connect to all your gadgets and charge them up. All the wires are hidden in the bottom tray to keep clutter to a minimum. All of the branches are adjustable so that you can customize your tree for either artistic reasons or to maximize the amount of cells that are exposed to the sunlight.

While it is still just a concept it is one that I’d like to see make it to the market.

[ Vivien Muller ] VIA [ DVICE ]

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