Photokinz Plush Digital Photo Frames

Photokinz Plush Digital Photo Frames

Photokinz - Percy The Penguin (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

We’re slowly starting to see these miniature digital picture frames making their way into everything from keychains to wallets to plush toys now. Photokinz are billed as ‘huggable digital photo frames’ and while technically there’s nothing stopping you from hugging a regular picture frame, this one appears to have fewer sharp corners, and would make the experience far more pleasant.

Unfortunately Percy the Penguin only has enough storage on board for about 64 lo-res photos, and there’s no way to increase that with an external memory card. (Where would you even stick one?) He’s also apparently compatible with over 104 million photo-sharing websites, as well as all digital cameras and cameraphones which basically means it supports JPEGs.

The Photokinz are available from Amazon for $59.99 in a wide variety of animals including dogs, cows, frogs and penguins.

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