PhotoFast Releases 1000MB/s PCIe Drive


By Chris Scott Barr

Having a fast hard drive is always important when you’re building your next gaming rig. It doesn’t matter how fast your CPU or graphics card is, if you’re sporting an old IDE drive it’s not going to be up to snuff. Usually when one considers the fastest drives, they tend to think of SSD drives running on SATA II. However, PCIe cards are starting to crop up these days.

Not long ago we showed you the PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD drive, which boasted 700MB/s read and 750MB/s write times. When compared to other SATA II drives, this seemed like a nice improvement. However, PhotoFast has already outdone themselves in just a couple of short months. Their latest drive now hits 1000MB/s read/write speeds. That’s just crazy. Almost as crazy as the $1,600 starting price for a 128GB model.

[ G-Monster ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]