PhotoFast Memory Card Adapters Will Boost PSP Storage Capacity To 32GB

PhotoFast CR-5400 & CR-3100 (Images courtesy Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

Good news for PSP owners who have come to rely on the gaming device as their portable media player. At the recent Computex show in Taipei, a company called PhotoFast was showing off a couple of adapters that can boost the PSP’s storage capacity up to 32GB. The CR-5400 (pictured on the right) can turn 2, 8GB microSD or microSDHC cards into a single 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo card which can then be loaded with music and videos and simply inserted into a PSP. Taking things one step further, the CR-3100 (pictured on the left) attaches to the back of your PSP and can accommodate 2 of the CR-5400 adapters, which means 4 8GB microSD cards, giving you a total capacity of 32GB. Apparently the CR-3100 actually uses a thin cable that connects the adapter to the PSP’s memory slot, even though it’s not visible in the above photo.

As microSD card capacities continue to increase, so will the storage capacity of these adapters so if the price is right, it could be a good investment. The CR-5400 is expected to be released in Japan near the end of June, while the CR-3100 unfortunately has no release date since it’s still undergoing testing and design changes.

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