Photo Violation Parking Meter Will Actually Call You

Photo Violation Parking Meter (Image courtesy Autoblog)By Andrew Liszewski

You know those keychain sized timers that will let you know when the parking meter has run out? Well those could be a thing of the past if a company called Photo Violation Technologies has their way. They’re currently testing a new type of parking meter in cities like Vancouver and Niagara Falls that will call your cellphone when the time gets close to running out.

But instead of dashing out to the street to feed the meter you’ll be able to make a wireless payment using your phone. Of course you can always just let the time run out and get a parking fine instead which not surprisingly can also be payed via the meter. On top of it all the Photo Violation meters are solar-powered and can even be setup as wifi hotspots.

But since parking meters are a great source of income for large cities, particularly when they run out and result in parking tickets I can imagine it will be a long time before something like this catches on all across the country.

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