Photo Album Story Teller (Images courtesy firstSTREET)

Photo Album Story Teller

Photo Album Story Teller (Images courtesy firstSTREET)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this thing. While it looks like an electric pepper mill, the Photo Album Story Teller is actually an audio recording device that lets you capture personal messages or descriptions for photos in an album. Now it’s not a terrible idea, particularly if you’d like to preserve memories from an elderly loved one before they pass on, I just think it could be far better executed.

First of all, instead of it using any kind of clever image recognition, you’ll have to fill your photo album with not-so-aesthetically-pleasing color coded stickers so the device knows what sound file to play. It also only comes with 500 of those stickers, limiting how many memories you can record. As an alternative, even to image recognition, I think a small PC application to generate and print QR codes would be far more flexible. At $99.95 the Story Teller is also kind of pricey, but at least the memories will last *forever. (*Forever being limited by your supply of AAA batteries.)

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