PhoneThong from CellPower

PTFrontBackWow, I never thought I’d find myself writing about a leather thong, made for your cellphone. Yet here I am.

A thong. For your cell.

It’s 20$. It fits a bunch of models. Comes with a dandy strap. Go here for plenty more pictures and to find out if you too can outfit your cell… with a thong.

Lord have mercy on this sad sad world.


21 thoughts on “PhoneThong from CellPower”

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  4. I already got it … it is the best thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve tried so many cell phone holders, but this one is the best. Since I don’t use a belt, it just hangs from my waist and it looks professional and femenine!

  5. thought my girl would love it. its’ obnoxious but very hip. however, i was unable to purchase it through this site! what gives? please send me the hap’s on it.

  6. The phone thong has saved my marriage. It has added the extra spice that we needed in the bedroom. Ahhh the magic of technology!

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