PhoneSaber To Return As Lightsaber Unleashed

By Luke Anderson

For those Star Wars fans out there that also happen to be iPhone users, I’ve got some good news for you. There was an app available on Apple’s App Store when it first debuted called PhoneSaber. Essentially it was just a goofy piece of software that displayed a lightsaber. You could change the color of the blade, and it would even use the accelerometer to detect movement and make sound effects to go along with it. Well LucasArts didn’t appreciate their properties being used without permission, they had the app yanked from the store, promising to work with the developer on an officially licensed program.

While we still haven’t seen this new app yet, they have announced that it will be available soon, and have given us a teaser. Thew new app will be dubbed “Lightsaber Unleashed” (to correspond with the upcoming game) and feature the lightsabers of five different characters from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. New features include “vastly improved graphics, sound effects and optional dueling music (which was a popular request).” The price? Free.

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