Philip’s VP5500, Wireless Videophone

philips vp5500 skype videophoneBy David Ponce

Being tethered to your PC to make VoIP calls isn’t ideal. Sure, there already are a bunch of wireless VoIP phones around… but are they wireless videophones? Do they pack Linux? I didn’t think so.

See, the beauty of the VP5500 cordless handset by Philips is in the “breakthrough” mix of features. First, there’s the WiFi connectivity. Then there’s a VGA camera that rotates through 240 degrees, allowing you to see the image you’re transmitting, Picture-in-Picture. You can hook the thing up to a TV, and let your pals in on the action. And finally, since it runs on delicious Linux juice, it makes for a good upgrade platform.

Netherlands only for now, but we can all stare lustily anyway.

[Philips Press Release] VIA [Gizmodo]