Philips ‘In Touch’ Concept Message Board

Philips In Touch Message Board (Image courtesy 3D News)By Andrew Liszewski

I did get the ‘Labor Day’ memo but for those rare few who end up actually having to labor on this holiday (like me) I figured I’d throw up a couple of stories for when you needed a break.

For the family looking to rid themselves of that last bit of daily interaction Philips has cooked up a slick and stylish upgrade to the message board. Gone is the boring fridge covered in post-it notes and in its place comes the In Touch, an LCD based mirror capable of displaying notes, images and even video clips.

Each person in the household is represented by a small thumbnail and creating a new message is as easy as touching the relevant person’s image. If a stylus is used to tap the thumbnail a drawing space automatically opens allowing you to jot down a bit of text or leave the person a quick sketch. Touching the blue light in the right-hand corner of the screen will instead cause it to record a private video message for them. The In Touch is also MMS and SMS compatible allowing you to get in touch with family members even while they’re out of the house. (And of course carrying a mobile phone.)

[Philips IN Touch Concept Message Board] VIA [Trend Hunter]

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