Philipe Starck O-Ring Digi Watch Seems To Feature Sphincter

o-ring digiBy David Ponce

Let’s forget for a minute that watches, in the cellphone age, are pretty much useless. They’re still the most acceptable form of male wrist-adornment, and for this reason it’s important to us that our timepieces do more than just tell the time; we like it when they look decent and distinctive. Now, I’ve professed my love for French designer Philipe Starck before and its nice to see him tackle the watch. The O-Ring Digi, made by Fossil is his interpretation of what we should be wearing on our wrists, and it looks different, allright. The hours are displayed as a number, while the minutes as segments that fill up the ring progressively. But, we’re not sure about the functional justification for having a hole, you know, in the middle of the face. It certainly gives the watch a different look. While it’s not something you’d see on my wrist, I’m quite sure that it might tickle the Euro-metrosexual’s fancy. And for $110, it makes a decent gift to get that guy with the funny, ironed-out hairdo and overly-tight jeans.

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