Phantom Park – Park Your Car Under The Garage

Phantom Park (Images courtesy ACLifts)By Andrew Liszewski

Even though it seems less likely with every passing day I still hold out hope that one morning I’ll be able to wake up and look out the window at my own McLaren F1. Of course how this will happen I haven’t given much thought to, but I do know the day it does I’m getting one of these installed.

The Phantom Park is not unlike the residential car lifts I wrote about earlier but instead of lifting a vehicle up towards the ceiling of your garage it instead lowers it into the floor effectively making it disappear. Besides the obvious benefit of making a single car garage hold two vehicles, the Phantom Park can also protect that million dollar sports car as the lift and car are completely concealed when lowered.

The Phantom Park is made by ACLifts and comes in 4 versions designed to lift vehicles from small compacts to larger mid-sized SUVs.

[Phantom Park Lift] VIA [Autoblog]


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  3. “Make sure you move the car parked on top of the lift before you go to get the car underneath, unless of course you have very high ceilings in you garage.”

    No, that’s the unique space-saving feature! After you raise the lift, the McLaren F1 that had been parked on top will now be only 11 inches tall!

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