Phantom Miro 3 Compact High Speed Camera

Phantom Miro 3 Digital Camera (Image courtesy Vision Research)By Andrew Liszewski

A point and shoot digital camera is fine for catching one or two of baby’s first steps, but what if you really wanted to preserve that moment? This dilemma has to be the reason Vision Research created the Phantom Miro 3. It’s roughly the size of a high-end P&S digital camera but what sets the Miro 3 apart is its ability to shoot at 1,000 fps at a resolution of 800×600. Just imagine the joy of friends and family while they get to watch you step through thousands of frames of your kid stumbling around during that 3 hour slideshow.

But what’s that? You don’t think 1,000 fps is sufficient? Well you’ll be glad to know that dropping the resolution down to 512×512 will allow you to shoot at 2,200 fps. Still not good enough? Well at 32×32 the camera should be able to achieve frame rates greater than 95,000 fps. As for other specs in monochrome mode the camera is rated at 4800 ISO while in color mode it’s rated at 1200, it has up to 4GB of integrated flash memory and has a minimum exposure time of 2 microseconds.

While I have no idea what the Phantom Miro 3 costs I don’t think you’ll care once you check out the cool gallery of high-speed videos on the Vision Research website.

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