PetTree by Fingerose

I really hope that someone who reads this, speaks uh… what looks like Korean, or maybe Japanese. What do I know about Asian ideograms? Whatever it is, it looks really cool. It’s a keychain, with a real tree inside of it. You make it grow, somehow (I imagine the specifics of it are left to the mystery of the foreign language), and you carry it around with you, wherever you go.

It’s lovely.

Ah… uh.. ok, never mind. An impromptu Google search has landed me on a Popgadget page, suddenly making sense of all the fog. It’s Korean. And, they go for about 10$ to 15$, though how you keep them alive is still a mystery.

They’re pretty. That’s all I care about. And there you have it.

7 thoughts on “PetTree by Fingerose”

  1. How do these things stay alive? well, it’s all down to plants photosynthesizing during the day, and respiring at night.

    in light, they take water, and CO2, and make it into oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. at night, they do the reverse. there’s water already in there for ’em, and probably nutrients in that soil stuff they’re in. I want 7.

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