Pet’s Eye View Camera – Oh Where, Oh Where Has Your Little Dog Gone?

Pet's Eye View Camera (Images courtesy bookofjoe & Discover This)
By Andrew Liszewski

My parents often wonder what their dog does while he’s home alone. I’ve suggested they set up a digital camera to take some time-lapse photos while they’re away, but I think something like that might be a bit beyond their gadget comfort level. But if you’re the type who lets their pet wander the neighborhood all day, and have wondered where they go and what they do, this Pet’s Eye View Camera will document their wacky misadventures.

The built-in intervalometer can be set to automatically take photos at intervals of 1, 5 or 15 minutes, but even with a crappy resolution of just 640×480 (which they claim is fine for 4×6 prints) the camera only has enough memory to store about 35 shots. So if you set the timer for a 1 minute interval, it’ll run out of space in about 35 minutes. The camera includes a 4-foot USB cable for transferring the photos to your PC or recharging, and the ABS plastic housing is water-resistant so as long as your pet stays out of the local ponds or lakes, it should survive.

You can get it from Discover This for $47.95.

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