Petito USB -The Last Word On Fashion?

By Tanya Palta

ATP Electronics’ latest gadget, The Petito USB, is perfect for the fashionable tech diva. Designed mainly for the mobile professionals, the Petito USB happens to be one of the smallest USB drives around (if not the smallest), and may just be a girls’ best friend since it can be worn as a pendent or act as a keychain without looking too dorky. Weighing just about 8 grams, it comes in colours like blue, silver, gold, and titanium, and storage sizes from 256MB to 1GB.

So ladies, next time just skip the jewelry store and head straight towards a hardware store for the Petito USB. All I can say is that ATP is taking accessorization to a whole new level.

Also, for some more specs, come on in.

[ATP] VIA [Chip Chick]


? Dimensions: 9.4mm x 17.6mm x 36.3mm (D x W x L)
? Weight: less than 8g
? Up to 30MB/s data transfer rate, fully compatible with USB specification version 2.0 and 1.1
? Powered by USB bus – no external power is required
? Durable solid-state storage – 10 years data retention
? Hot Plug & Play ? enable you to install and uninstall Petito anytime
? Security application – allow you to create a unique password