Peter Potty

Peter Potty (Image courtesy Visionaire Products Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

And for the wee lad who has everything these days (and most of them do) how about his own personal urinal? The website claims the Peter Potty is the “world’s only flushable toddler urinal” and has a few marketing-related gems like “Little girls need to sit, but with the new Peter Potty, little boys can stand like Daddy.”

Depending on where it’s used the Peter Potty can be mounted to a wall or simply attached to an included adjustable floorstand, which also allows the Peter Potty to ‘grow’ as your child does. It even includes its own push button flushing mechanism so junior can learn proper urinal etiquette while still young.

The Peter Potty is available from Visionaire Products Inc. for $49.95.

[Peter Potty] VIA [Uneasy Silence]