PetaPotty: A Lavatory for the Discriminating Pet

By Dave Coulter

Now your pets can obey the call of the wild in their very own 34 square inches of portable lawn goodness! With PetaPotty’s “sturdy and attractive??? polyvinyl sod box, your urban pet can purify its first chakra in style without the hassle of you actually having to take your pet outside.

With a removable collection tray that makes clean up a snap, both you and your pet will have no compunction about doing your doody in this simulated parkscape. And really, what sane and judicious undergrad student could resist the magic and charm of a portable lawn anyhow? I myself plan to train some gerbils to play Ultimate Frisbee on this bad boy; the sheer utility is limitless… Only $259.99 for the original, it’s never been this cheap to be the envy of your friends—and their pets.

Story VIA Productdose