Petaminx Dodecahedral Puzzle Would Make Ern? Rubik Cry

Petaminx Puzzle (Images courtesy PuzzleForge)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think “whoa!” is the only response you can really have when you first see this amazing dodecahedral puzzle created by Jason Smith of While the original design was created by Andrew Cormier, the completed Petaminx puzzle you see above was cast and hand-assembled by Jason, who clearly has the patience of a saint. So what goes into a masterpiece like this? All-in-all there are 975 individual parts not including the 1,212 stickers that each had to be placed by hand, one at a time. Overall the Petaminx took about 75 hours to complete including the molding process, cleaning the parts, assembly and finish, but as you can see in the video below, it only takes about a minute to royally screw the thing up.

[ PuzzleForge – The Making of The Petaminx ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]

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