Pet Mummies

pet mummificationBy David Ponce

Oh Lord… this is rather removed from tech or gadgets, but hell, you gotta hear this. A company called Summum is in the business of mummifying pets.

For a fee.

The Summum science of Mummification revives the ancient art of wrapping the body and treating it with oil, while Transference aids the journey of your pet’s essence to its next destination. When the Mummification and Transference are complete, we place your pet within a bronze Mummiform and rejoin you with your beloved companion. Your cherished friend has been transformed, as the caterpillar to a butterfly, in the promise of another tomorrow.

What kind of fee to go along with this poignant prose? Anywhere from $4,000 to, get this, over $128,000.

Anyway, let’s move along.