Personal Aura Detector Phone Charm

By Ryan Nill

The Aura Ball Flashing Phone Strap Aura Dama uses (possibly phony) technology to capture and display your personal aura. Made by Solid Alliance, the same people who brought us Mr. Tengu and the Pop-up Pirate USB Hub, the Aura Dama will be sure to join the ranks of the world’s most useless technology; that is in addition to utilizing something that may or may not exist. Simply press the button while focusing on the attached “Power Stone” (available in Crystal, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz) and the Aura Dama will cycle through colors, eventually settling on the one that matches your personal aura closest.

The website says

“There is a special censor [sic] inside of Aura Dama. It catches the subtle energy human body emits and converts it into electrical energy. Human body emits invisible energy from several chakra points. The censor can catch the energy and convert it into energy frequency. The censor allots the matching color to the energy frequency it detected.”

So, why not? It also says “Available immediately – in a week; let’s pre-order today!” Evidently, Strapya-World is taking pre-orders now, for 23.33$. Who could possibly resist knowing their personal aura for a mere 23.33$?

[ Redferret ] VIA [ Strapya-World ]