Pentax X-Change Concept Point & Shoot

Pentax X-Change Concept (Image courtesy Photokina)By Andrew Liszewski

Every two years all the major camera manufacturers bring out their latest models of cameras, lenses and accessories for the Photokina show. But they also make sure to bring along a few concepts to give people an idea of what they might be racking up credit card bills for in a few years.

Among several concepts showed by Pentax is the X-Change point and shoot. The idea was to create a camera that facilitates the use of different lenses like with a digital SLR but with the compact dimensions of a point and shoot. The body of the X-Change is very thin, includes a pop-up flash and also allows the use of small interchangeable lenses. The lenses themselves are also quite interesting as each one has an integrated CCD offering different focal lengths. With SLR cameras the CCD is inside the camera body and is basically exposed to the elements every time a lens is switched. Having the CCD built into each lens means they’re always protected from dust which is good but at the same time probably adds quite a bit to their pricetag.

[Pentax X-Change Concept @ LetsGoDigital Photokina Report] VIA [Ubergizmo]