Pelikan Sun Finger-Friendly Lancer For Diabetes Testing

Pelikan Sun Electronic Lancing Device (Image courtesy Pelikan Technologies)By Andrew Liszewski

My family has a history of diabetes, so I’m no stranger to having my blood sugar tested. By now I’m used to the small prick from the lancet, but I’ve always hoped for a better solution. The Pelikan Sun is an electronic lancing device that claims to be virtually pain-free and results in minimal bruising and scarring. It also uses a proprietary 50-lancet disk that ensures you get a new needle for every test that’s clean and sharp. The electronically controlled lancet trajectory can be set for 30 different levels of depth, and the precise firing mechanism means it’s only penetrating the skin as deep as you need.

Once you’ve pricked your finger you’ll still need to test the blood sample with a separate glucose meter, but if you’re testing your blood sugar on a daily basis, I’m sure it will provide some level of relief. The Pelikan Sun can be purchased directly from the company’s website, but I have no idea if the $199 price tag is covered by health insurance. And keep in mind you’ll also need to buy replacement lancet disks “…at comparable prices to other high quality lancets currently on the market.”

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