Peephole Video Camera

Spyhole Camera (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

As a guy who hates talking to people, particularly strangers knocking on my door, I really like this idea. It’s basically a small black and white video camera with a wide angle lens that replaces the standard peephole in your front door. The lens itself has a 110 degree field of view allowing you to see a good portion of the area outside your door, but the real advantage is that the camera can be connected to your TV and monitored remotely.

I’ll only ever answer the door for the FedEx or UPS delivery guy, so when I’ve mustered enough energy to check the peephole only to discover it’s a solicitor or an angry neighbor, I’m understandably disappointed. And for those who’ve been dealing with an epidemic of flaming bags left on their doorstop, the camera can even be connected to a video recorder allowing you to catch the culprit in the act. (Of course the video will be useless because I always wear a mask.) carries the Peephole Camera for about $200 and while I assume the installation is easy, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to power the thing or safely run the wires so they don’t get torn off when you open the door.

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  1. The X10 Products have the same product in black&white ,also in color ;the same recording possibilities and the viewing at the TV. Though the price is lower.

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