Pee and Wash: STAND is a Urinal With a Built-In Sink

Stand Urinal with Built In Sinks

Lots of dudes practice good hygiene, but some are just downright gross and dirty. At least, that’s what¬†¬†Kaspars Jursons’s redesign of the toilet implies, since he wants to put an actual sink on the urinal. Not beside it, not a few feet away from it, but at the upper part of the urinal itself. It makes the task of washing after peeing inescapable for most guys, since the sink is just right there.

The toilet is called STAND. The built-in sink looks pretty small, but I think it’ll do in most cases. There are a handful of things that can go wrong with this concept, that’s for sure. For one, there are those with perpetually bad aim (and some who don’t really bother.) Don’t even get me started on the piss-drunk pissers who always make a mess of things.

Stand Urinal with Built In Sinks1

The STAND toilet is just a concept for now, and it makes sense for a lot of reasons. Which makes me wonder, how come someone didn’t think of doing this earlier?

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