Pclix LT100 Time-Lapse Device For Digital SLRs

Pclix Intervalometer (Image courtesy 1017 Visual Effects Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

Canon and Nikon seem to be working pretty hard to put digital SLR cameras into the hands of people who would traditionally opt for a point and shoot model but for as many pros there are to choosing a DSLR there are just as many cons. For example DSLRs lack many features included on even the cheapest P&S cameras like a built-in intervalometer or time-lapse trigger for example.

The Pclix is a compact solution to this problem and provides time-lapse functionality for pretty much every DSLR on the market. (You can see their compatibility chart here.) It can be used to trigger the shutter of a digital camera in one second increments anywhere from every second to every hundred hours plus a whole list of other options any photographer would find useful.

Using the NEW “Split Second Mode” you can even trigger your camera in tenths of a second if your interval is below 10 seconds. This is a first for digital camera control giving you greater flexibilty when using shorter intervals.

The Pclix LT100 has 99 interval settings directly at your fingertips. Ten of which can be programmed by you to any duration you choose up to 100 hours. As well the Pclix LT100 can be told how many images to take using the Image Count Option, there’s a Start Delay Option plus the shutter can be up to an hour in length using the Bulb Option. Programming the Pclix LT100 is straight forward and extremely easy. Once your user preferences are set they are stored in memory forever or until modified by you when needed.

While some may never need a time-lapse option I know plenty of photographers who use them to create some impressive videos. (Like this for example.)

The Pclix device itself is available for $139.95 and the cables for interfacing with your particular DSLR run from about $12.95 to $39.95 depending on what camera you’re using.

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