‘Party’ Finger Forks

'Party' Finger Forks (Image courtesy Drinkstuff)By Andrew Liszewski

If you look closely at the packaging for these Finger Forks you can clearly see the word ‘Party’ in smaller letters printed above the name. It’s pretty clear to me that it was a last minute addition to the packaging via their amazing marketing team.

Probably not able to come up with a single practical use or reason why someone would buy these they figured by branding them as a ‘party’ item they would sell like hotcakes. Because honestly who hasn’t been at a party and struggled to use a regular fork in front of all their friends? Quite frankly it’s an embarassing situation I personally never want to be in again. I can still hear the laughter…

The Finger Forks have a 20mm diameter tube that should easily fit most people’s fingers and are available from DrinkStuff.com for ?3.99.

[‘Party’ Finger Forks] VIA [Shiny Shiny]

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