Paroos G-100, GPS MP3 Player

Convergence. Yada yada.

This is a great little player for people who jog. It’s called the Paroos G-100 and comes from Korean company, uh, Paroos. Guess they’re a one trick pony, huh? Well anyway, it integrates a GPS unit so that you can keep track of how many miles you’ve run, where you went, etc.

Feature wise, it’s nothing to get your panties all up in a bunch over: 512 Mb, USB 1.0 (can you believe it?), FM tuner, etc. Very 2001.

What’s great is that GPS integration. And for all I know, it’s not the first one to have something like this. See, despite popular opinion to the contrary, I don’t know anything. So yeah, first one or not, it’s a nice little player for joggers. And you cannot buy one, unless you live in Korea.

Check out the page here. Story VIA Akihabara.

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