Parking Ticket Holder For Your Windshield

Parking Ticket Holder (Image courtesy Questo Design)By Andrew Liszewski

You know the drill. You’ve managed to scrape together enough quarters and dimes to actually pay for parking, but unfortunately the stub gets lost in the sea of maps, sunglasses and other receipts at the bottom of your windshield. As a result the parking enforcement can’t easily see it, and writes you up a fine.

So this parking ticket holder is a ridiculously simple solution to the problem. It’s basically just a clip attached to a suction cup that sticks to the middle of your windshield and holds your current parking stub in plain sight. Hopefully the suction cup works well enough to remain stuck until you return, but since it’s not being used to hold a heavy piece of electronics, I can’t imagine it falling off that easily.

The Parking Ticket Holder is currently available from Questo Design for about $20 and while that might seem kind of expensive for a suction cup and clip, you have to think of the money you’ll be saving by avoiding future fines.

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