Parking Pilot Stops You From Embarrassingly Backing Onto Disco Floors

Parking Pilot Parking Sensor (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

If cars never stopped moving it would probably be a lot easier for people to get their driver’s license, but that’s not the case, and when you get behind the wheel you’re eventually going to have to park that vehicle. However there is help for those of you not skilled in the art of reverse. The Parking Pilot uses 4 ultrasonic sensors attached to the back of your car to measure the distance between your vehicle and any objects behind it.

An LCD display that attaches to your dashboard provides a somewhat cryptic image of what lies behind your car, but it also includes a measurement in meters in the corner that’s thankfully a bit easier to understand. Now I’m not sure why the kit doesn’t include sensors for the front of your car, when pulling into a parking spot can be just as tricky, but to make up for it the Parking Pilot also includes a breathalyzer function in case you’re as bad at knowing your limit as you are at parking. ~$60 from Chinavasion.

[ Parking Pilot Parking Sensor ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

4 thoughts on “Parking Pilot Stops You From Embarrassingly Backing Onto Disco Floors”

  1. I fear that this is such a needed addition to cars. We've been driving for how long? Why are the younger generations so unskilled in driving?

  2. I NEED this soooo badly. I am a good driver but I cant park. It has to be a straight forward drive in parking space for me to park. I cant reverse park and I cant parallel park. I even paid 50 bucks extra to pass my driving test. Its my secret shame. *weeps*

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