PareUp Pairs Restaurants With Customers Who Want to Buy Leftovers


On one hand, we’ve got people going to sleep on empty stomachs. On the other, we’ve got restaurants throwing away leftovers (AKA perfectly good food) every day when it’s time to close up. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how things work–or is it? Aiming to change this, even on a small scale, are the folks behind PareUp.

It’s an upcoming app that will let diners “pair up” with participating retailers and restaurantsĀ that will be selling their leftovers at discounted prices.

PareUp App

This way, food won’tĀ go to waste and more people can take home goodies that they might otherwise not be able to afford if it weren’t on sale. PareUp is scheduled to launch on iTunes by fall, with an Android version set for later release.

You can find more information about PareUp here.

VIA [ Food Beast ]