Paper GPS Is As Low-Tech As It Gets

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been driving along, blindly following the directions of your GPS, only to find yourself on a road that leads nowhere, or just plain lost? That’s happened on a few occasions, but I’ve always been able to get myself back on course again. However, if you or someone you know doesn’t want to hassle with either the complications of programing a GPS or are afraid that one will lead you astray, you might check out this cool Paper GPS Notepad.

It seems almost silly to use something like this with navigations systems becoming such commonplace, but I think it would still prove useful. If you’ve ever had to jot down directions in a hurry and then try to follow them later, it can be a real pain. Granted, I would have probably found this more useful a couple of years ago, it’s still a good product. I especially like the checkboxes in the corner notating whether or not you got lost. You can pick up a pad of 60 for just $6.50.

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