Pantone hueyPRO

Pantone hueyPRO (Image courtesy Wired)By Andrew Liszewski

I wrote about the original Pantone huey almost a year ago and I’m actually happy to see the company has already announced an upgrade with the hueyPRO. The original huey provided pretty decent monitor calibration with extremely easy to use hardware and software and while it’s not the most high-end calibration system on the market for a lot of hobby photographers it was and still is a very cost-effective solution.

The hueyPRO adds even more functionality with the ability to manage multiple monitors (this was the biggest issue I had with the original) and has new software for increased control over brightness and contrast through gamma and white point settings.

The hueyPRO should be available sometime in April for $129 (the original version is still available for about $75) and registered users of the huey will be able to upgrade to the new version via the Pantone online store.

[ Pantone huey (the PRO version doesn’t seem to be listed yet) ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

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