PANTONE Color Flash Drives

PANTONE Flash Drives (Images courtesy PANTONE)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not entirely sure why PANTONE has decided to enter the USB flash drive market. The company is already well respected in the print world, and as far as I’m concerned, selling to professionals who are willing to pay $125 for a book of colors is where the real money is. But while you can order one of their flash drives based on a specific PANTONE color, I’m surprised the palette you have to choose from is limited to just 14 colors. It just seems to me that a company like PANTONE would allow you to choose any of the 1,000+ colors they offer. Maybe if you ask really, really nice they’ll accommodate specific requests.

At least the drives are reasonably priced, with the 512MB model coming in at $10.99 and the 4GB at $34.99. And since the housing is made of aluminum, they even offer free laser engraving with your name, 2-line message or a logo.

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  1. Pexagon Technologies (pexagontech) has been doing this for years!! Free engraving and the color selection! Looks like a rip off to me!

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