Panasonic’s Neck Refre Massages Your Neck

Panasonic’s Neck Refre Massages Your Neck

By David Ponce

It’s been around for a couple of years, but we just found out about the Panasonic EW-NA11, or the Neck Refre as JapanTrendShop calls it. It’s Panasonic’s idea of a neck massager and it appears to work by stimulating the muscles in your neck to contract involuntarily, in a manner that’s supposed to be relaxing. It’s kind of like those pads you see on late night informercials promising you six-pack abs with no effort. Except Panasonic’s gone ahead and registered this as a “medical” device. Well, what do we know? Some reviews online have given it a positive spin and at $87, there are worse ways to try and get rid of a stiff neck.

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