Panasonic Releases Remote Shutter Application For LUMIX DMC-FX90

By David Ponce

The DMC-FX90 is a decent point-and-shoot camera from Panasonic that happens to have WiFi functionality. This has allowed the company to release an application that lets you control the camera remotely. So not only can you trigger it through the application, you can also see a live view of what the camera is seeing as well as checking the zoom levels and setting up a self-portrait. It seems like you’ll have to do a firmware update on the camera to get things to work properly, but the application is available both in the app store and the Android Market, now called Google Play. And although it’s only available on the FX90 right now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this being rolled out to other cameras in the near future.

OF course, it’s free.

[ App Store Link ] AND [ Google Play Page ] VIA [ CultOfAndroid ]

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