Panasonic Now Offers Overpriced Free Angle HDMI Cables

By Luke Anderson

In case you weren’t aware, any time that a retail employee tries to get you to upgrade to a “higher-quality” cable  for just about anything, they’re really just trying to rip you off. While there may be the slightest gain in signal quality, rarely is it ever worth it. Having worked at retail stores in the past, I can tell you that cables actually have the highest profit margin of almost anything else in the store, which is why they get pushed so much. Knowing that, you might look at these Free Angle HDMI cables from Panasonic and think that they do offer additional benefits.

Sure, there are some situations where you might need an angled cable, but most HDTVs that I’ve worked with don’t need them, even if they’re being installed directly onto a wall. If you don’t specifically need a cable that can adjust its angle, don’t waste your cash. You’ll be paying $60 for a 3-foot cable or $80 for a 6-footer.

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