Panasonic LX1 16:9 Video Sample

By Asim Waqar

So as requested, I have posted a short (yet large – be warned!) .mov video sample from my brand new, still under spousal possession LX1 16:9 8MP Camera I mentioned yesterday. As mentioned the camera is capable of shooting 30fps video at an astonishing 848×480 pixels. Video clip length depends on the size of the SD card you have. I heard somthing about a 4GB version??

I owned the Casio z750 before this camera, and would put the video quality on par with that camera (ok maybe a little less) but come on, this is 16:9 and I haven’t had time other than just point and shoot.

Overall it’s a great camera. If you are a videophile and disagree based on the convergence of the infrared isotopes causing some fringing in direct sunlight photography, please do not email me: I am a rookie and I LOVE the camera.

Check out the video here and enjoy!

Please visit the story from yeserday here for other info, including pricing and availability.

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