Panasonic Develops World’s Smallest Speakers

panasonic speakerBy David Ponce

If you’re going to continue making gadgets smaller, you’re going to have to make all their parts smaller, hopefully without sacrificing their functionality. And that includes speakers too. Panasonic’s just announced the development of the creatively named Panasonic Electronic Device (PED). It measures 2 x 1 cm, and is only 1.5mm thick (a 1mm or 40% improvement over the previous record holder) with allegedly no reduction in sound quality, “since its diaphragm is inserted on the top and bottom of its magnet, rather than making the magnet smaller.”

It’s not like you could characterize sound coming from mobiles (the intended application for these) as high-fi to start with, so we don’t feel as though a little degradation in quality would have made much of a difference anyway. But hey, kudos to them anyway.

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  1. Wow, thats tiny! I think small is sexy too, but, how much smaller can we go before these tiny devices become too difficult to work with? – both egonomically and from the overall user experience perspective.

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