Panasonic Center’s Solar & Wind Powered Streetlights

Panasonic Spinning Streetlight (Image courtesy Leonardo Bonanni)
By Andrew Liszewski

Leonardo Bonnani, who runs, recently visited the Panasonic Center in Tokyo and discovered these solar and wind powered streetlights around the building. During the day the solar cells on top and the turbines generate power that’s stored in a battery at the base. At night the battery is used to run the streetlights, though the turbines continue to spin and produce power even in the dark.

There’s also a short video of the streetlights in action on Leonardo’s site, since at first I actually thought the photo was a 3D concept rendering, but they’re definitely real. Also, the Panasonic Center is less of a corporate HQ, and more of a place for the public to come and experience current and future technologies being developed by the company. So I’m not sure if these unique streetlights are actually used by Panasonic at their other buildings.

[ Spinning Streetlights ] VIA [ Interactive Architecture dot org ]

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