Panasonic Bamboo Speakers

By Bruce Eaton

Straight from the top minds at Doshisha University and Panasonic comes a very earth friendly and HiFi way to listen to your music: the Bamboo Speakers. The collaboration yielded speakers that use bamboo fibers instead of traditional wood fibers in these new speakers. The results are all praise due to bamboo’s natural resistance and greater sound range.

One issue is that it does cost more to manufacture, but Panasonic is trying to get this on shelves by 2007, so they hopefully will look into some cost cutting techniques, like hiring Pandas to assemble them.

Since bamboo grows so fast, some species with a rate of 1.2 meters a day, there is little impact on the enviroment when it comes to making these, compared to the cutting down of trees that it usually requires. No word on pricing yet other than expensive.

[Bamboo Speakers] VIA [Akihabara News]